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Please use the following specifications when building and sending your files to ensure the highest quality output.

FULL COLOR - File requirements for digital output

We prefer .eps or .pdf files that are print ready, meaning files are built to final print size, the text has been converted to outlines, and any images are embedded (not linked) and at full resolution.

Accepted Applications : Files created in and saved as:
• .psd Photoshop, up to version CS2
• .ai Illustrator, up to version CS2
• .cdr Corel Draw, up to version 10
• .qxd QuarkXpress, 4

Accepted File Formats:
Applications that export/save the following file formats are acceptable:
• .eps
• .jpg
• .tiff
• .pdf

*Note: Files saved at the final print size should be at least 150dpi. Files that need to be enlarged should be saved at a higher resolution so that upon resizing they can be resampled up to 150dpi and not loose any image quality. Images taken from the internet and business cards are often times too small to use for large format prints, and can be used for quotes, but not final production.

When sending files with linked artwork be sure to include the hi-res images and any fonts that are included in the layout.

VINYL - Vector files for vinyl letters and logos

Accepted File Formats:
Applications that export/save the following file formats are acceptable:
• .eps - Encapsulated Postscript (must be a vector file, not bitmap)
• .ai - Adobe Illustrator - up to version CS2
• .cdr - Corel Draw - up to version 10.

When designs created in drawing programs as described above include any fonts, it is important that they are converted to outlines, curves or paths. While fonts may share the same name, across platforms or operating systems there are subtle differences in the design and size, so in order that your fonts retain their original size and design it is important that all fonts be converted to curves. This will eliminate the need to send us a copy of the fonts used.

Scanned Artwork / Logos:
When the original artwork (file) created in a drawing program as described above cannot be provided to us, an option is to scan the artwork and recreate it using our software, this will incur additional charges and the outcome of the file will be dependent on several factors. The best artwork will be simple line art / graphics or clean single color design elements. Fonts used within the design may be on our system in whitch case the file will look like the original, otherwise there may be slight changes. Artwork not suitable will be old business cards with poor resolution or very small graphics. Most of the time business cards are all we need to create a vector file but keep in mind that the cleaner the edges of the design elements the better the scan. Business cards with bitmap images (pictures) cannot be scanned and converted to vector files.

Following the above requirements should provide us with files that can be output with minimum issues that need to be resolved using our software, not following these requirements may result in added charges, if you have any questions please contact the digital dept. before sending us the final artwork files.

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